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Extreme bike clean is a DOUBLE STRENGTH enzymatic formulation specifically designed to lift dirt, grime and grease and is fully biodegradable for use in the middle of a field.

It’s DOUBLE STRENGTH…… WHY?.......for a reason…. we only manufacture products for Extreme Sports, so they have to perform!!

….. and a bonus is that you use half the amount compared to competitor’s products!!!!!!

Pre-wash your bike, turn the robust trigger to spray or jet and apply to all wet surfaces. Allow a few minutes for the enzymes to lift the dirt from the surface then wash off to leave your machine sparkling clean.

This modern formulation will not leave streak marks and is safe to use on any surface, yes aluminium too….

M16 Extreme Bike Clean will NOT HARM:

Carbon Fibre
Stainless Steel
Anodised parts
Riding Gear Tyres, Seals cables etc etc.

It is completely bike friendly.

Cool Cherry Bomb fragrance.

The EXTREME BIKE CLEAN bumper pack is the ultimate deal for all you weekly warriors, put together for those who literally spend every spare second riding.   Simply refill your 1 litre each time you run out. Wow that makes sense and saves you money.

Kit includes:

  • 1 x EXTREME BIKE CLEAN 5 litre
  • 1 X EXTREME BIKE CLEAN 1 litre

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