# 1,2,3 M16 PODIUM STAGE SYSTEM complete Kit

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So what’s the….. #PODIUM STAGE SYSTEM?.........  what does it do?.......Why do I need it?.........why should I change from the cleaner I use to yours?....

Developed and manufactured in the UK by an engineer and Motocross rider who’s done Motocross, Enduro and Trials riding and knows exactly what it’s like to pressure wash a bike!!!!!

Bikes get dirty and plastered,  we curse because the mud sticks and we can’t even SEE the gear lever let alone move it!, the knobblies turn into slicks and mud rams in everywhere!!

For decades we have just cleaned and pressure washed them, bike cleaners have come and gone. Some have been around a long long time (we all know that one) others have come with new formulas and one now even damages aluminium and leaves streaks, I think we all know the colour of that one too!

Bikes have got quicker, more powerful, more expensive. The plastics and graphics similarly better and more expensive to replace, yet cleaners have never changed??.  All on offer is the latest, cheapest new formula that promises everything but still requires EXTENSIVE blasting of everything and, inadvertently, the bearings with a pressure washer to get rid of the mountains of caked on mud and dirt - There had to be a better way!!!

So we developed the ...


Use in bike preparation for the days riding, the same as you ensure the oil, the tyres, the wheel bearings are all fit and ready to go.

Stage #1 - Extreme Bike Cleaner:
We have to start somewhere and that is with a clean bike. This PH balanced formulation is engineered to work with the following #2 Pro Finish and is truly environmentally friendly for use in a field - It is very effective

Stage #2 - Pro Finish:
This waterless wash and wax will remove the remaining stubborn dirt and coat all surfaces, yes, exhaust too with a tough waxy coating ready for stage #3  Use this also to clean your helmet, goggles, boots and more, ready also for stage #3

Stage #3 - Helmet and bike guard:
The jewel in the crown!  This nano technology surface sealer is designed to repel water and dirt. Having used Stage #1 and #2 above it is the final guard and protection that helps prevent the dirt sticking, use it on all the bike surfaces, yes EVERY SURFACE:  Plastics, engine, wheel rims, anodised parts and tyres, yes tyres, it helps stop the mud sticking, brake discs? (don’t worry, no problem…it does not contain silicone, PTFE nor degreaser, like others) and exhausts - it withstands over 250 degrees C

Now having used the #PODIUM STAGE SYSTEM when you clean the bike there is minimum use of the pressure washer to remove the days caked on dirt - that’s good for the bike, the plastics, the bearings!! and means you can get a beer earlier!  No one likes cleaning bikes AND a bonus is the Stage #1 bike cleaner will last at least 3 times longer than those other popular colours on the market, so already you are saving money.

So stop just cleaning as you’ve always done, your bikes are modern expensive machines, look after them and protect them with a modern maintenance system.

Buy it…..Try it…..you will not be disappointed…….. Tell us please…

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All 3 stages are available separately, to keep your #podiumstagesystem topped up and ready in the van.

Be a winner, look after your bike and it will look after you!

M16 Extreme are proud to sponsor winning teams who recognise and pride themselves on clean well maintained reliable bike.  Check out our M16 riders page.

kit includes,

  • 1 x EXTREME BIKE CLEAN 1litre
  • 1 X PRO FINISH 500ml
  • 1 X HELMET & BIKE GUARD 250ml

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