Why choose M16 Extreme products?

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Why choose M16 Extreme products?

Wind the clock back to 2016 ...
Father - Peter (Engineer) and his son - Pete (Motocross rider) came up with the idea that they could create some fantastic cleaning products for the Sporting world.  
Peter brings the expertise of developing and blending the right ingredients to deliver a great product that works effectively and Pete, who knows his way around a filthy motocross bike is the guinea pig and tough critic that rigorously tested the products and cleaned lots of bikes.  He also came up with the branding.  Only once they were totally satisfied, was M16 born. 
Your sport whether it be motocross, speedway, enduro, superbike, MTB, quad or road cycling has one thing in common - stuff gets dirty and if we can clean a caked up dirt-bike then we can handle anything! Strong yet gentle.
Our range of cleaners, sealers and polishes take care of your ride and gear.
We’ve been reviewed by many respected industry magazines including: Dirtbike Rider / Back Street Heroes / RiDE / BiKE / Mountain Biking UK / Road.CC / Seven Day Cyclist - See reviews here
We don’t cost the earth either. So if you want good, honest & effective products, then choose M16 Extreme.  Buy Now - click here 
Our products are manufactured in the UK.


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